Company Profile of Leader Computers

Leader Computers is an Israeli company specializing in computer technology and cellular services, as well as professional music.

The branch of the company is located in the center of Jerusalem. The general director of the company is Mr. Pavel Zabuty, a highly qualified specialist with extensive experience in the field of computer and mobile technologies.

The company has built an excellent reputation for providing computer repair services in Jerusalem. The level of knowledge, experience and capabilities of Leader Computers’s technical specialists allows solving the most serious problems and effectively spending the precious time of our clients.

The company has developed a special approach to customer service, which allows, through consulting and on-site training, to prevent a number of problems that are created as a result of the wrong choice of hardware and operational support of computers and related equipment.

The company also carries out repairs on its own, which increases its level of efficiency over competitors in the field of customer service.

The main activities of the company:

1. Laptop and desktop computer sales, both new and used.

2. Professional repair of all types of computers, at the motherboard level, including Apple.

3. Mobile phone and tablet sales and repairs.

4. Support and installation of a wide range of programs.

5. Installation and maintenance of computer networks.

6. Selling a wide range of computer and mobile accessories.

7. Updating and upgrading old computers.

8. Training and computer courses in Jerusalem for users of all ages.

9. Selling professional music equipment for musicians, internet bloggers and teachers online.

10. Recording studio services and rehearsal room for hourly rent.

Our advantages in the market:

1. The very high level of service (saving time for our customers).

2. Responsiveness and adaptability, allows to stay ahead of competitors in the market.

3. Phone support center, provides the ability to solve many problems at a distance.

4. Customer service includes quick on-site instructions to avoid many malfunctions resulting from misuse of the computer.

5. Most of the repairs are carried out in the company itself, which increases the speed of customer service.

6. Reasonable prices and convenient payment methods help to attract new customers.

Service types:

1. Standard type (the company’s price list will be sent to interested parties)

2. Continuous service – annual subscriptions (details can be obtained from a company representative in person)

Our clients:

The company’s regular customers are organizations that receive services from the company in various fields.

1. Law offices

2. Financial companies

3. Various engineering and consulting companies

5. Car services

6. Medical clinics

7. Real estate offices

8. Advertising companies

09. State and government agencies

10. Jerusalem Municipality

11. Associations in various fields

12. Israeli broadcast channels

13. Kindergartens and educational institutions

14. International organizations

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